Texas Animal Control Training Institute of Certification & Licensing
Jay Sabatucci

State Certified

Basic, Advanced, Administrative & Instructor

Keane E. Menefee

State Certified

Basic, Advanced, Administrative & Instructor

What to Expect

A Word About Our Instructors

TACTICAL is a full-service animal control and animal welfare training institute with instructors with almost 50 years of animal care and control experience.


Keane E. Menefee worked for the City of Fort Worth Animal Care and Control for 13 years, serving as an officer, shelter and field supervisor and manager during his tenure.  Mr. Menefee has educated over 1500 students in the State of Texas and over 2000 students nationwide on the proper methods and techniques of  Euthanasia.  He appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show on 2 occasions to demonstrate the impact of puppy mills and over-pet population on animal shelters.  He also served as an independent consultant with the HSUS and the ASPCA providing euthanasia trainings in multiple states and serving as an animal sheltering consultant helping agencies around the country to improve animal sheltering care and realigning with industry standards. 

Mr. Menefee has served as President of the Texas Animal Control Association and the Texas Animal Shelter Coalition and is an honorary member with the Texas Animal Control Association.   


Jay Sabatucci began his career in the animal welfare field in 1984 and has been an officer and cruelty investigator with the City of Arlington and the City of Fort Worth, served as Executive Director of the Humane Society of North Texas, regional consultant with the Texas Department of Health, Regional Program Manager with the HSUS, manager of  the City of Arlington and currently is a supervisor with the City

of Fort Worth Animal Care and Control. Mr. Sabatucci has educated thousands of animal control and law enforcement officers across the country on animal welfare issues and has helped create and pass animal control training laws. 


Mr. Sabatucci has served as President of the Texas Animal Control Association and the Texas Animal Shelter Coalition and as an advisory board member with the Arlington Animal Services Division and board member with the Texas State Resources Team. 


Mr. Sabatucci received the Texas Animal Control Association Humane Educator of the Year award and the Warren J. Kilpatrick award for outstanding contributions to the field of animal control. 

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Animal control and animal welfare requires a special kind of person with great compassion and our instructors demonstrate such.


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Our state-certified instructors will provide the expert instruction you deserve and are here to assist you long after the end of class to ensure that you are a success in this wonderful industry.